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Furnace Stopped?


Here are a few common reasons a furnace may stop working, along with steps you can take to address the problem:

  • The thermostat is not operating properly. Ensure the thermostat is on the ‘heating’ mode. Check whether the battery needs replacing.

  • The on/off electrical switch for the furnace got switched to “off”. The switch looks like a light switch and is usually located near the basement stairs. Flip the switch and listen to hear whether the furnace starts up. Mark the “on” and “off” positions for future reference.

  • The fuse for the furnace in the electrical panel is turned off. The electrical panel is typically mounted on a basement wall, often behind a swinging cover. Check that all of the fuse switches are pointing in the same direction, which is “on”. If the one marked “furnace” is pointing in the other direction, flip it to “on”. If it immediately flips itself back to “off”, call Becklumb's.

  • The white or black 2 1/2″ pipes coming out of the house for the furnace air supply and venting are blocked. Remove any snow, plastic bags, leaves or other debris from the opening of these pipes.

  • The furnace filter is dirty or clogged. Replace your filter every month during the heating season.

  • The gas is not turned on. The gas company may turn off the gas supply if there is a safety concern or if gas bills have not been paid. Call your gas company if this may possibly be the problem.

  • The blower door is not in place. Check your furnace to determine whether anyone has been tampering with it. If a panel on the side of the furnace is not in place, put it back in place if it is obvious how to do so. If in doubt, call Becklumb's.










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