Furnace Cleaning


Every Becklumb's furnace cleaning and inspection includes the following steps:

  • Vacuum dust and debris from the furnace and return air plenum.

  • Remove dust and debris from the blower fan. Check alignment.

  • Check manifold gas pressure and adjust to the manufacturer’s recommended values.

  • Measure the temperature rise to determine whether it is in the manufacturer’s recommended values. Adjust if necessary.

  • Verify that there is no carbon monoxide leaking into the house. This is done using a calibrated combustion analyser. If carbon monoxide is found, the source of the leak will be identified and follow up steps will be taken.

  • Test the high-limit, flame roll out, flame detection and pressure safety controls.

  • Inspect the electrical wiring. Connections should be tight and free of corrosion.

  • Inspect venting for signs of flue gas leaks into the dwelling.

  • Inspect the condensate line for blockages. Clean if necessary.

  • Inspect the combustion air supply for blockages. Clean if necessary.

  • Inspect the burners for alignment, corrosion and deterioration. The flame should be blue and not impinge on the heat exchanger.

  • Check the condition of the air filter. Recommend replacement if required.